Centella asiatica, commonly known as centellaAsiatic pennywort or Gotu kola, is a herbaceous, frost-tender perennial plant in the flowering plant family Apiaceae. It is native to the wetlands in AsiaIt is used as a culinary vegetable and as a medicinal herb.

Centella grows in temperate and tropical swampy areas in many regions of the world . The stems are slender, creeping stolons, green to reddish-green in color, connecting plants to each other. It has long-stalked, green, rounded apices which have smooth texture with palmately netted veins. The leaves are borne on pericladial petioles, around 2 cm (0.79 in). The rootstock consists of rhizomes, growing vertically down. They are creamish in color and covered with root hairs.

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